Oil Tank Removal in Connecticut

It is important to know the facts about the safe removal of underground oil tanks in Connecticut.

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection have made the following recommendations.

What should I do when I remove my residential heating oil UST?
Always hire a registered contractor like Connecticut Energy Services when removing an underground oil tankHire a Registered contractor for underground tank removal.  DEEP recommends that a soil sample be collected from underneath the tank and piping and that it be analyzed for Extractable Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (ETPH) at a Connecticut certified laboratory.  Most often contractors will collect samples and deliver them to a certified lab for you.  Take photos of the tank and the excavation, if possible.  Have your contractor generate a brief letter report documenting the details of the tank removal, including ETPH reports from the lab.  Keep these documents in a safe place, as homebuyers usually want proof prior to purchasing the house that the tank did not leak or that any leak was cleaned up.

What are the primary causes that make storage tanks leak?
  • Rust: The enemy of most all metal and underground storage tanks (UST) are no exception. Underground oil tanks are known to fail because of rust perforation which is caused by water entering the tank. When this water eventually settles at the bottom of the oil tank the sediment, bacteria and sulfur from the oil combine to create a very corrosive acid. This acid begins to break down the inside of the  container and eventually it will eat through the wall of underground steel oil tank.
  • Improper Installation: When an underground  oil tank is improperly installed the tank will most likely cause problems in the future. Here are a few common mistakes which are made:
    • Using  indoor rated tank being installed outdoors – Indoor tanks lack the thickness of the steel and anti-corrosion coating necessary for an UST.
    • Damaged oil tank – An oil tank that has been mishandled may have encountered structural damage before or during the installation.
    • Improper Piping – Using the wrong type of piping material or installing with poor, inadequate connections is a surefire recipe for a future leak. Acidic Soil Conditions: When an undeground oil tank is installed in soil conditions which are acidic or contain a significant amount of groundwater the likelihood of external corrosion is increased significantly.

For more information visit the DEEP website at http://www.ct.gov/deep/cwp/view.asp?A=2692&Q=450964

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